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Architecture in Madrid throughout history III

In today’s article, I’ll be continuing with my series of brief blog articles in which I summarize Spanish architecture, and specifically the architecture of Madrid, throughout history. There’s a lot of great architecture in Madrid that’s worth looking at and certainly, running by!   Elisabethan gothic   Known also as Catholic Kings style because it …


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Architecture in Madrid throughout history II

The Medieval Period: The Christians   Madrid was conquered by the Kingdom of Castile in the latter part of the 11th from the Moors. From an architectural standpoint, it is not an extremely active period. Perhaps its most important legacy is the addition of a larger Christian wall which still stands in certain areas of …


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Architecture in Madrid throughout history

Madrid’s appearance throughout the centuries has changed drastically due primarily to its political situation in history, and of course, as a consequence of modernization. In the next series of articles I’d like to give a brief description of the different architectural styles found in Madrid’s history and how they have evolved throughout the centuries. Today’s …


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The work of Sabatini in Madrid: The Royal Basilica of San Francisco el Grande

Built between the years of 1761 and 1784, the church was built on the same site as an earlier Franciscan Order convent, which, rumor has it, was founded by Saint Francis of Assisi in the year 1217. In 1760, the Franciscan Order had the original building demolished and undertook a new project to construct the …


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The work of Sabatini in Madrid: The Royal Palace

Although the influence of Sabatini in Madrid’s architecture during the 18th century is quite obvious when visiting Madrid, what is also true is that his involvement in some projects, although outstanding, was sometimes only partial. This was the case of the Royal Botanical Gardens (as seen in a previous article) in which he did the …


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The work of Sabatini in Madrid, The puerta de Alcalá

Francesco Sabatini (Palermo, 1722-Madrid, 1797) was, as I had mentioned in previous articles, a Sicilian architect who had a great influence on Madrid’s architecture during the reign of Charles III. In my upcoming articles, I’ll be going a little more in-depth, without overbearing the reader, on some of his works in Madrid. The puerta de ...


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Francesco Sabatini: the mark of a sicilian architect on Madrid

As I had mentioned in my previous article, Francesco Sabatini had, without a shadow of a doubt, an extremely important  influence on architecture during the reign of Charles III and very much so on the appearance and renewal of the city of Madrid during the 18th century. His influence is still very much present and …


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Architecture in the reign of Charles III: Francesco Sabatini

As I had previously commented in a prior article published in this blog, Charles III was the Viceroy of Naples and Sicily before the deaths of his older brothers Louis and Ferdinand (both left no heirs to the throne) and his father, King Philip V. Upon his father’s death, Charles returns to Spain in 1759 …


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Charles III of Spain and the concept of enlightened absolutism

To be able to better understand the reign of Charles III and its influence on Madrid, we have to understand his mentality and how it affected his decision-making which, in turn, would leave its mark on not only how Madrid would look but also influence the lifestyle of its inhabitants.   Enlightened Absolutism was a …


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Charles III. Madrid’s best mayor

Spain has had a number of kings who have definitely left their mark on Madrid. Charles III was the third son of Philip V, the first king of the Bourbon dynasty whose monarchy begins in 1700 and ends in 1746, was certainly one of them. At the young age of fifteen, he’s sent to reign …


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