How to start running. 10 tips on how to go about it.

  1. Don’t use any old shoe! Invest in good running shoes. They don’t have to be expensive. What matters is that they provide support and are comfortable. If possible, go to a specialized running shop.
  2. Don’t rush if you’re a beginner. Be careful at the beginning. Start by alternating short bouts of slow running with longer ones of walking. Increase the running and decrease the walking part very gradually. Can’t run? Start with brisk walking!
  3. Do the talk test. If you can’t hold a conversation, you’re going too fast.
  4. Warm up 3-4 minutes by walking on the tip of your toes and on your heels. Stretch afterwards. Focus on your hamstrings and calves. This will avoid unnecessary aches and pains
  5. Rest every other day. Recovery is key!
  6. Go for the long haul. If you want to stick to your running, be realistic and consistent with your training plan. Don’t overdo it!
  7. Work your core on your off-days. Resistance training also works great!
  8. Always choose soft over hard surfaces. Your knees will thank-you!
  9. Don’t want to run alone or need some extra help or motivation? Join a runners club!
  10. Enjoy your running! Sure, there’ll be days when you don’t feel like going out for a run but that’ll be more the exception than the rule. Running is addictive! Go for it!

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