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Architecture in Madrid throughout history: the herreriano style.

The herreriano style   In previous articles, I wrote about the prevalent architectural styles in Spain during the 15th and 16th century. I began with the 15th century Elisabethan Gothic and went into the ornate 16th century Plateresque style and continued into the now, much more austere Purist style which will precede the even more …


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Christmas in Madrid: The Christmas Market in the Plaza Mayor

One of the best times of the year to enjoy running in Madrid is at Christmas and not only because of the cooler temperatures which make running in Madrid more enjoyable but also the festive atmosphere that envelopes the entire city.  One of Madrid Running Tours favorite places at this time of year is the …


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Architecture in Madrid throughout history IV

The purist style   This particular period of Spanish architecture, which runs between the years 1530 to 1560 and reaches its peak during the reign of Emperor Charles V, occurs when Plateresque starts changing and new architectural movements start coming into place. As a result of this, Purism makes its appearance in Spain.  Besides being …


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