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Running in Madrid and Covid-19: A fresh start

As I write this article, we’re starting to see a bit of light at the end of this long tunnel which has made spring practically non-existent in this (to put it mildly) very strange, unforeseen and all too tragic year. Many of us, including myself, have had to re-evaluate when and how we exercise. Homes …


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Architecture in Madrid throughout history: Neoclassicism

With the arrival of Charles III to the Spanish throne in 1728, the Baroque movement which was in its peak during the reigns of his father Philip V and brother, Ferdinand VI, now enters into its latter and less ornate phase which will lay the groundwork for Neoclassicism which will begin in the mid- eighteenth …


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Summertime Running in Madrid

We love running in Madrid all year round at Madrid Running Tours! Summer is certainly no exception to that. Madrid summers are hot and, fortunately, not usually humid which makes your runs that much more easier and enjoyable. This, of course, doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t take all the necessary precautions and measures needed to …


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Holy week in Madrid

With the arrival of spring to Spain and Madrid in particular, our running tours regain a newfound vitality that comes along with the warmer temperatures and longer days which make running all that more fun at this time of year. Along with the change of season, there’s a host of events in Madrid that make …


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Architecture in Madrid throughout history: The baroque period

After the departure of the Habsburg or Austria dynasty, as they are known in Spain, and the arrival of the Bourbons with the reign of Philip V at the beginning of the 18th century, architecture in Madrid  gradually evolved from the Herreriano style which was identified with the Habsburgs into Baroque and subsequently into Neoclassicism. …


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Architecture in Madrid throughout history: the herreriano style.

The herreriano style   In previous articles, I wrote about the prevalent architectural styles in Spain during the 15th and 16th century. I began with the 15th century Elisabethan Gothic and went into the ornate 16th century Plateresque style and continued into the now, much more austere Purist style which will precede the even more …


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Christmas in Madrid: The Christmas Market in the Plaza Mayor

One of the best times of the year to enjoy running in Madrid is at Christmas and not only because of the cooler temperatures which make running in Madrid more enjoyable but also the festive atmosphere that envelopes the entire city.  One of Madrid Running Tours favorite places at this time of year is the …


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Architecture in Madrid throughout history IV

The purist style   This particular period of Spanish architecture, which runs between the years 1530 to 1560 and reaches its peak during the reign of Emperor Charles V, occurs when Plateresque starts changing and new architectural movements start coming into place. As a result of this, Purism makes its appearance in Spain.  Besides being …


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Architecture in Madrid throughout history III

In today’s article, I’ll be continuing with my series of brief blog articles in which I summarize Spanish architecture, and specifically the architecture of Madrid, throughout history. There’s a lot of great architecture in Madrid that’s worth looking at and certainly, running by!   Elisabethan gothic   Known also as Catholic Kings style because it …


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Architecture in Madrid throughout history II

The Medieval Period: The Christians   Madrid was conquered by the Kingdom of Castile in the latter part of the 11th from the Moors. From an architectural standpoint, it is not an extremely active period. Perhaps its most important legacy is the addition of a larger Christian wall which still stands in certain areas of …


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Autumn running tips in Madrid

At Madrid Running Tours we love running all year-round in Madrid! One of the things that makes Madrid a great running city is that we get all of the seasons and, on top of it, are blessed with a dry, temperate climate throughout most of the year. One of, if not, our favorite seasons to …


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Architecture in Madrid throughout history

Madrid’s appearance throughout the centuries has changed drastically due primarily to its political situation in history, and of course, as a consequence of modernization. In the next series of articles I’d like to give a brief description of the different architectural styles found in Madrid’s history and how they have evolved throughout the centuries. Today’s …


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